The Casablanca Fish Market

From Our Boats to Your Table!

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Our experience and background in Commercial Fishing is the key to Casablanca Seafood’s success. South Florida’s best seafood comes in daily from our boats. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!

– Lazaro Sanchez, Owner

Casablanca Seafood began from 2 brothers that come from a long line of fishermen but they were more. They were outstanding fishermen and became the only 2 Cuban American Shark Fishermen in South Florida and made a name for themselves in doing so. In 1994, they successfully founded Casablanca Fish Market on the historic Watson Island and started selling their daily catch.

Their success in becoming one of Miami’s landmarks brought them to create the restaurants and relocate to the Miami River. The fish market has the same charm on the Miami River that it had on Watson Island from all its fresh fish laid out on the colorful displays to the smiles on the associates faces when you walk through the door. Come visit our piece of heaven, seafood heaven that is, where we bring in the freshest catch directly from our boats into our fish market.